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2001 Regatta Results
April 14th - New Zealand Universities Rowing Champs, Dunedin
The 2001 NZU Rowing Champs were held on a sunny (and cold) Dunedin day at Lake Waihola. The weather wasn't kind to us, with the wind coming up in the middle of the day, causing a couple of hours delay in the middle of the programme. In the end we ran out of light and the final race, the mens championship four, was racing on the Sunday morning.

Huge thanks to the Otago Rowing Association for running a very smooth regatta, and to Christie Munro and Glen Sinclair for organising everything. Thanks also to all the clubs which kindly lend boats to crews from out of town, often at no cost.

Lastly, thanks to all the competitors who came along and raced hard, especially those who endured long bus journeys to get there. Hopefully you all had a good time.

Overall Results: 1st Otago University 88 points
2ndCanterbury University61 points
3rdVictoria University40 points
4thWaikato University21 points
5thMassey University3 points
6thAuckland University2 points

Men's Championship EightCanterbury 1Otago 1Canterbury 2
Men's Championship FourOtago 1Canterbury 1Otago 2
Men's Championship PairCanterbury 1Otago 2Otago 3
Men's Championship DoubleCanterbury 1Victoria 1Waikato 1
Men's Championship SingleVictoria 1Otago 2Otago 1
Men's Intermediate EightCanterbury 1Otago 1Waikato 1
Men's Intermediate FourWaikato 1Otago 1Otago 2
Men's Intermediate QuadOtago 1Massey 1Victoria 1
Men's Tournament EightCanterbury 1Canterbury 2Victoria 1
Men's Tournament FourVictoria 2Victoria 3Victoria 1
Men's Novice EightCanterbury 1Waikato 1Otago 1
Men's Novice FourCanterbury 1Victoria 1Waikato 1
Women's Championship EightOtago 1Canterbury 1Auckland 1
Women's Championship FourOtago 1Canterbury 1Otago 2
Women's Championship PairOtago 1Canterbury 1Otago 2
Women's Championship DoubleVictoria 1Otago 1Otago 2
Women's Championship SingleVictoria 1Otago 1 
Women's Intermediate EightOtago 1Otago 2Victoria 1
Women's Intermediate FourOtago 1Canterbury 1Otago 2
Women's Intermediate QuadOtago 1Otago 2Victoria 1
Women's Tournament EightOtago 1Canterbury 1Waikato 1
Women's Tournament FourOtago 1Canterbury 1Otago 3
Women's Novice EightOtago 1Waikato 1Auckland 1
Women's Novice FourWaikato 1Otago 1Canterbury 1

May 19th - Otago vs Canterbury Boatraces, Kerrs Reach, Christchurch
Overall Results: 1st Otago University 23 points
2ndCanterbury University21 points

Men's Senior EightCanterburyOtago 
Men's Intermediate EightCanterburyOtago 
Men's Tournament EightCanterburyOtago 
Men's Novice EightCanterburyOtago 
Women's Senior EightOtagoCanterbury 
Women's Intermediate EightOtagoCanterbury 
Women's Tournament EightOtagoCanterbury 
Women's Novice EightOtago 2Otago 1Canterbury

May 19th - July 3, 5 & 7 - NZU vs Australian Universities, Twizel, Queenstown & Dunedin, New Zealand
Overall Points: 1st New Zealand 41 points
2ndAustralia31 points

Individual Points: Women's Eight New Zealand 15 points Australia 9 points
Women's Lightweight QuadNew Zealand 15 pointsAustralia 9 points
Men's EightAustralia 13 pointsNew Zealand 11 points
(NZ lightweights don't count for points)

Test One - 2000 metres, Lake Ruataniwha, Twizel
Women's EightNew Zealand1 1/4 lengthsAustralia  
Women's Lightweight QuadNew Zealand5 lengthsAustralia  
Men's EightNZ Lightweights
(do not count for points)
1 lengthNZ Heavyweights1 footAustralia
Test Two - 2000 metres, Lake Hayes, Queenstown
Women's EightNew Zealand1 1/4 lengthsAustralia  
Women's Lightweight QuadNew Zealand4 lengthsAustralia  
Men's EightNZ Lightweights
(do not count for points)
1/4 lengthAustralia1/4 lengthNZ Heavyweights
Test Three - 5000 metres, Otago Harbour, Dunedin
Women's EightNew Zealand5 lengthsAustralia  
Women's Lightweight QuadNew Zealand5 lengthsAustralia  
Men's EightNZ Lightweights
(do not count for points)
1 1/4 lengthAustralia1 1/2 lengthNZ Heavyweights

July 28 - New Zealand Tertiary Eights, Hamilton
Due to fog on the river, the start of the regatta was delayed, but eventually racing got underway in the swift currents of the Waikato River.

The overall winner of the regatta was University of Waikato Boat Club.

All the races were against the current, finishing in front of the Hamilton Rowing Club. The open head races were over a 4.4km course (against the current), with the novice races over a shorter distance and the mixed crew sprint racing held over 500 metres. Following the racing on the river, we adjourned to a sponsor's pub for the traditional off-water boat racing. The academy mens crew who joined us for the festivities remained unbeaten throughout, though with all the cheating going on it was hard to declare a winner.

Women's Open Eight
1stAuckland University18:42
2ndUniversity of Waikato19:42
3rdVictoria University23:05
Men's Open Eight
1stUniversity of Waikato16:18
2ndVictoria University16:55
Women's Novice Eight
1stUniversity of Waikato14:23
2ndVictoria University14:30
Men's Novice Eight
1stUniversity of Waikato20:05
2ndVictoria University (Quad)24:53

September - I-Lan International Collegiate Invitational Regatta, I-Lan County, Taiwan
Mens Lightweight Eights
A Final
Hamburg University, Germany6:04:11
University of Melbourne, Australia6:05:25
University of Toronto, Canada6:11:17
University of Sydney, Australia6:22:28
B Final
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan ROC6:20:24
Taiwan Physical Education College, Taiwan ROC6:24:39
Otago University, New Zealand6:30:62
Keio University, Japan6:38:08

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