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2002 Regatta Results
April 26th - New Zealand Universities Rowing Champs, Cambridge
Overall Results: 1st Otago University 119 points
2ndWaikato University28 points
3rdAuckland University24 points
4thVictoria University15 points
5thCanterbury University14 points
6thLincoln University6 points
7thAuckland University of Technology1 points

Men's Championship EightOtagoAucklandVictoria
Men's Championship FourNo Result
Men's Championship PairAucklandOtago 1Otago 2
Men's Championship DoubleOtago 1Auckland 1Victoria 1
Men's Championship SingleLincolnOtago 1Auckland 2
Men's Intermediate EightOtago 1Victoria 1Canterbury 1
Men's Intermediate FourOtago 1VictoriaOtago 2
Men's Intermediate QuadOtago 1AucklandOtago 2
Men's Tournament EightCanterbury 1WaikatoAuckland
Men's Tournament FourCanterbury 1Auckland 1Canterbury 2
Men's Novice EightOtagoWaikatoAuckland
Men's Novice FourWaikato 1AucklandOtago 1
Women's Championship EightWaikatoOtago 1Otago 2
Women's Championship FourOtago 1Otago 2Victoria 1
Women's Championship PairOtago 2Waikato 2Otago 1
Women's Championship DoubleOtago 2Otago 1Victoria 1
Women's Championship SingleOtago 1Victoria 1Lincoln 2
Women's Intermediate EightOtago 1Waikato 1Auckland 1
Women's Intermediate FourOtago 2Waikato 1Canterbury 1
Women's Intermediate QuadOtago 1Otago 2Victoria 1
Women's Tournament EightOtago 1Otago 3Otago 2
Women's Tournament FourOtago 1Otago 3Otago 2
Women's Novice EightOtago 2Otago 1Otago 3
Women's Novice FourOtago 1Otago 3Otago 2

September 8 & 9 - I-Lan International Collegiate Invitational Regatta, I-Lan County, Taiwan
Mens Eights
Final A
University of Melbourne, Australia 6:13:20
Hamburg University, Germany 6:17:62
Harvard University, USA 6:23:33
Otago University, New Zealand 6:24:61
Final B
University of Toronto, Canada 6:25:35
Waseda University, Japan 6:29:84
University of Sydney, Australia 6:34:13
Keio University, Japan 6:36:59
Final C
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan ROC 6:25:96
Taiwan Physical Education College, Taiwan ROC 6:29:50
Leiden University, Netherlands 6:35:57
Oxford University, England 6:43:33
Final D
Yale University, USA 6:44:59
University of Cambridge, England 7:02:87
Warsaw University, Poland 7:06:35
Semi-Final A
University of Melbourne, Australia 6:17:77
Harvard University, USA 6:19:09
University of Toronto, Canada 6:25:78
University of Sydney, Australia 6:27:60
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan ROC 6:38:53
Semi-Final B
Hamburg University, Germany 6:16:95
Otago University, New Zealand 6:21:73
Keio University, Japan 6:27:79
Waseda University, Japan 6:33:18
Taiwan Physical Education College, Taiwan ROC 6:33:87
Heat A
University of Toronto, Canada 6:15:31
Otago University, New Zealand 6:20:71
University of Sydney, Australia 6:25:37
Oxford University, England 6:35:30
University of Cambridge, England 7:00:39
Heat B
Hamburg University, Germany 6:09:11
University of Melbourne, Australia 6:17:30
Waseda University, Japan 6:23:32
Keio University, Japan 6:26:81
Warsaw University, Poland 6:57:97
Heat C
Harvard University, USA 6:16:00
Taiwan Physical Education College, Taiwan ROC 6:24:54
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan ROC 6:28:95
Leiden University, Netherlands 6:29:50
Yale University, USA 6:38:58

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