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2008 Regatta Results

April 19th - NZU Rowing Championships, Lake Karapiro, Cambridge

Overall Results
1st Otago 160 points
2ndVictoria37 points
3rdCanterbury36 points
4thWaikato21 points
5thAUT18 points
6thAuckland12 points
7thMassey Wellington3 points
8thMassey Palmerston1 point

Rowing's contribution toward the overall results for the NZU Games is broken down into Mens and Womens categories.
The following are the points which went toward the overall Games results:

Men's Points
1st Otago 65 points
2ndCanterbury31 points
3rdVictoria19 points
4th=Auckland12 points
4th=Waikato12 points
5thAUT5 points
Women's Points
1st Otago 95 points
2ndVictoria18 points
3rdAUT13 points
4thWaikato9 point
5thCanterbury5 point
6thMassey Wellington3 point
7thMassey Palmerston1 point

Individual Events
Men's Championship EightOtago 1Waikato 1Canterbury 1
Men's Championship FourOtago 1Canterbury 1Auckland 1
Men's Championship PairOtago 1Auckland 3Otago 2
Men's Championship DoubleAUT 1Waikato 2Otago 1
Men's Championship SingleWaikato 1Canterbury 1Waikato 2
Men's Lightweight PairOtago 1Auckland 1Auckland 2
Men's Intermediate EightCanterbury 1Auckland 1Otago 1
Men's Intermediate FourCanterbury 1Otago 1Auckland 1
Men's Intermediate QuadCanterbury 1Otago 1Canterbury 2
Men's Intermediate DoubleCanterbury 1Victoria 1Canterbury 2
Men's Tournament EightOtago 1Victoria 1Victoria 2
Men's Tournament FourOtago 1Victoria 1Victoria 2
Men's Novice EightOtago 1Victoria 1Canterbury 1
Men's Novice FourOtago 1Otago 2Victoria 1
Women's Championship EightOtago 1AUT 1Otago 2
Women's Championship FourOtago 1Otago 2AUT 1
Women's Championship PairOtago 1Otago 2Otago 3
Women's Championship DoubleOtago 1Waikato 1Otago 3
Women's Championship SingleWaikato 1Otago 1AUT 1
Women's Lightweight DoubleOtago 1Canterbury 1Otago 3
Women's Intermediate EightAUT 1Otago 1Victoria 1
Women's Intermediate FourOtago 1AUT 1Otago 2
Women's Intermediate QuadOtago 1Otago 2Waikato 1
Women's Intermediate DoubleOtago 2Otago 1Massey Palmerston 1
Women's Tournament EightVictoria 1Otago 1Otago 2
Women's Tournament FourOtago 1Massey Wellington 1Otago 2
Women's Novice EightVictoria 1Otago 1Canterbury 1
Women's Novice FourOtago 2Otago 1Victoria 1
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